Advisory Board

Andrew Atkins - global technical lead and senior technologist, Ricardo Innovations, UK

Professor Sam Akehurst - professor at IAAPS - Institute for Advanced Automotive Propulsion Systems & University of Bath, UK

Dipl.-Ing. Thomas Körfer - group vice president business unit diesel powertrains, FEV Group GmbH, Aachen, Germany

Marko Certic - lead engineer combustion assessment PTE / DGD development gasoline eng. & concept cars, AVL LIST GmbH, Austria

Andrew Atkins – ‘Engine Development Beyond the Bounds of Current Technology’

We'll be exploring the development of​ the traditional automotive powertrain beyond its current design constraints and how to advance powertrain development through new processes and methodologies. We'll look at SI engine technology, improving thermal dynamics, what the future is for forced induction, and what its successors are.

Sam Akehurst – ‘The Transition to Euro 7 & Reduction in CO2 Emissions’

With electric vehicles becoming increasingly popular, ​reduction in CO2 emissions should be seen as part of the solution and not the solution. We'll be discussing the path to Euro 7 and beyond, exploring the development of efficient emission disposal technologies, and understanding what's beyond the metal exhaust pipe with filters.

Thomas Körfer – ‘Diesel Beyond 2030’

In this stream, we'll be examining effective onboard diagnostics and advance powertrain monitoring for diesel vehicles, the development of diesel,​ and what to expect in 2030 and beyond. With the negativity surrounding diesel because of 'dieselgate', we'll be discussing the advancement of current and future technologies which will change the conversation.

Marko Certic – ‘The Evolution of Clean and Alternative Fuels’

In this stream, we will discuss the evolution of fuels and what it means for the traditional engine. We'll also look at possibilities of synthetic, new and renewable fuel technology to support the internal combustion engine.

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